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Stocking Filler Inspiration!

Everyone loves a Christmas stocking, right? OK so strictly they might be for kids, but then there’s the tweens and surely the teens.....and then there’s that gorgeous friend and that lovely family member that surely deserves it? Lovely to receive at any age and even nicer to fill and give. 

But then there’s the problem of how to make up that perfect stocking? We have put together some ideas so read on and let us know what you think... 

  1. Consider the size of the stocking – Don’t be tempted to buy one too big unless you want to take out a second mortgage, too small and you won’t be able to fit anything inside! 
  2. Well-chosen gifts don’t need to be expensive, as long as they’re useful, fun or meaningful. Why don’t you create some ‘IOU’ vouchers for special treats such as breakfast in bed or an at home beauty pampering evening.                                                             voucher for beauty pamper evening
  3. Wrapping each individual present can be time-consuming but prolongs the fun. Little cosmetic presents such as nail varnishes can be wrapped individually to make each one special!
  4. Consider where you’re placing the gifts. It’s fun to place the most expensive or desirable presents at the toe so they’re the last to be found.
  5. Everyone’s a kid at heart at Christmas, so toys, puzzles or silly novelty items are always a welcome addition.
  6. Our foldover cosmetics cases are an ideal size to slip down the stocking leg. Fill it with pretty paper for festive look. Pop a favourite lip-gloss or travel-sized beauty toiletries inside and they’ll love you forever, or at least until you’ve got the turkey in the oven!
  7. Add food – An orange, real or chocolate, sweets, chocolate coins, and a candy can over the rim looks really festive. It’s not really Christmas unless you have chocolate for breakfast!
  8. Gift vouchers – they’re costly compared to the space they take up, so they can be attached to a small, related gift, for example a beauty therapy voucher could be wrapped round a body lotion bottle.
  9. Make sure you include a bit of luxury, such as a scented candle or an eye mask. Something that says 'me' time.
  10. Don't stick to conventional stockings! Why not fill our hanging bag with lots of goodies including face masks, foot rubs and some new nail files.hanging wash bag victoria green

Would love to hear if you have any more stocking fillers ideas. Get in touch on our Facebook page or tweet us @victoriamgreen

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