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The Perfect Gift Challenge

When Christmas comes around you can guarantee my friends and family are treated to one of my beauty bags. This year I'm treating my best friend to a Carry All wash bag - she loves a weekend away and definitely doesn't believe in packing lightly! My sister has two small children and loves a Hanging Wash Bag - her tip is to hang them up high, safely out of the way of curious little fingers! My glamorous cousin on the other hand, is dropping hints like mad for one of my Foldover Make-up Bags - she likes to take ALL her makeup and brushes with her on holiday!

I always pop 1 or 2 items into the bags to make a really special, personal gift. Which got me thinking....I wonder what an industry insider would pop into our bags to create 'the perfect gift'. So I set out to ask some of the beauty world's experts for their choice with "The Perfect Gift Challenge"...

First up, I spoke to Red Magazine's very lovely and brilliant Beauty Editor-at-Large, Rosie Green. Not only an experienced beauty writer, Rosie tickles me each month with her warm and witty column 'Life's Rosie' in Red. 

I asked Rosie to select her very favourite products, together with her favourite Victoria Green beauty bag to create 'The Perfect Gift'. Click on the image to see what Rosie selected...

red magazine perfect gift challenege

I'm a big fan of Jane Cunningham's British Beauty Blogger site, where she writes about a wide range of beauty products from established brands to the newest launches. I always turn to Jane's blog for up-to-date news and inspiration and I am thrilled that Jane has so kindly championed our beauty bags from the beginning. 

With so many beauty products tested and reviewed over the past year, I was eager to find out which of these Jane would pick to create the 'The Perfect Gift'.  Click on the image to find her selection...

When your life is creating a leading skincare brand, what do you put together as 'The Perfect Gift'? This is the question I put to Rebecca Hopkins, one half of the sister team behind the Balance Me range of natural skincare which has been a favourite of mine for some time. I adore the Christmas angel stocking fillers!

Like so many of us, Rebecca juggles the demands of a busy life and has a friend who makes her daily life that bit easier - 'I would like to give this to my friend who helps take my daughter to school every morning – I would be lost without her and I know she would love a Victoria Green bag’ Click here to see Rebecca's selection

You may be familiar with what's on the shelves at Marks & Spencer but have you ever wondered who is behind selecting which beauty products hit the shop floor? It gives me enormous pleasure to introduce Sarah Meadows, the lead beauty buyer at M&S.

Sarah has years of experience in the buying departments of our well known high street stores and her current role means she is up-to-date with all the best beauty offerings. So with this background, I was interested to find out what Sarah would be giving her sister this Christmas. Take a look at her selection here...

I've loved catching up with some of best informed beauty industry experts and I hope you love their gift selections. If you want to have a look at our full range of beauty bags, you can click here.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Love, Victoria x

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