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4 top tips for packing for a ski trip

Are you escaping the British drizzle and heading off to the mountains for a snow filled adventure?

Whether you’re a first-time skier or seasoned pro, packing for a trip takes planning and organisation. Read our 4 top tips to make packing for your upcoming ski holiday quick and easy.  

1. Pack your essential ski accessories in a travel bag

It's important to take the necessary gear when going skiing but imagine if you left something behind or even worse, your luggage gets lost!

Why not pack thermals, gloves, hat, neck warmer and goggles in your carry-on luggage? That way you can double (and triple check) you've got everything with you! If you are unfortunate enough to have your suitcase misplaced, then at least you won't have to buy the essentials when you get to the resort.

A travel bag to keep your ski kit in is important and our cosmetics pouch is a handy size. It makes a great travel organiser to keep small things tidy and safely stored. The useful handle makes it easy to dig out from the depths of your bag and is sturdy enough to withstand the most extreme conditions!

 2. Pack your toiletries in compartments

Make packing a breeze and choose a wash bag with compartments! 

Our hanging traveller is the perfect travel wash bag. It is great to keep wet and dry toiletry products separate. Pack your comb, razor and toothbrush in one section and your shampoo, shower gel and other liquids in the other. The transparent compartments make it easy to organise items and find things, which is a useful feature of this travel wash bag.

Worried about spillages? Our beauty bags are all waterproof so there won’t be any leaks and if anything does spill, it will be safely contained within the bag, ready to be easily wiped and cleaned up.

The hanging wash bag even has a smaller zip pocket at the top. This is ideal for keeping small items safe and secure. For a ski trip we recommend tissues and lip balm to stay protected against the cold weather. Then you can hang the wash bag up by its useful hook, in your ski chalet bathroom.

Don’t forget to take moisturiser with you. The icy temperatures cause havoc with our skin, drying it out. Sun cream is another must have. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you won’t burn! Don’t know your UVAs from your SPF? Read our top tips to shopping smarter for sun cream.

victoria green hanging traveller wash bag

Starflower Sage Hanging Traveller Wash Bag - £20

3. Take a travel hair dryer with you

Wherever you’re staying, don’t risk heading out in the cold with wet hair. Pop a handy travel hair dryer in your suitcase to be on the safe side. Wrap the hair dryer cord around the main body of the dryer, not around the handle. This will prevent it getting tangled up and potentially damaging it.

But you don’t have to use it just for drying your hair!

TOP TIP! Use your hair dryer to dry out snowy boots and gloves, ready to hit the slopes the next day!

ski trip packing tips

4. A first aid kit is a must have!

Did you see our recent video on Instagram? Our beauty bags aren’t just for makeup and toiletries!

Victoria uses her Lola folding makeup bag as a family first aid kit whenever she goes away.

The largest of our folding makeup bags, the spacious and of course transparent compartments make it easy to find even the smallest of plasters. Stay organised and keep all your pills and potions in one secure place!

Watch a snippet below and see the full video on our Instagram page.

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