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Refresh your make-up and wash bag

Treat your make-up bag and wash bag to a bit of TLC?

Autumn is upon us so if you do one thing this weekend, treat your wash bag & make-up bag with thorough clean. We've put together our top tips how to keep everything ship shape. If you have any tips to share pop them in the comments below

Here's our tips...

1. It's common sense! Anything you use regularly on your face needs a refresh and clean. So make sure that brushes and sponges are given a thorough cleanse on a regular basis.

Top Tip - wash your brushes and sponges with a mild baby shampoo. This breaks down the residue of leftover make-up, leaving your essential tools fresh.

2. Make sure you give your make-up bags and wash bags a good clean. As we know, bacteria love a warm environment, so ensure your bags get a regular refresh with an anti-bacterial wipe. All Victoria Green make-up bags and wash bags are wipeable to ensure keeping them in tip top condition is simple.

Top Tip - make-up remover is great for cleaning out bags. Add some to an anti-bacterial wipe for great results.

3. Did you know that make-up has a 'life span'? Especially when it comes to water based cosmetics such as mascara, creams and foundations. As a general rule of thumb mascara has a life span of 3 months, and eye pencil 2 years and any powders such as blusher, eye shadow and face powder 2 years. Foundation and BB creams, which are oil free, should not be kept for any longer than a year. A tell tale sign that things have got past their best is if a creme is separates.

Top Tip - pop your lipstick in the freezer overnight to sterilise (remember to bring it back to room temperature before using) - or use a make-up sanitiser wipe.

So give your make-up bags and wash bags a little TLC for Autumn. I'm off to do just that right now!


Victoria x

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