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Behind the lined seams: Why Emma is the travelling woman's companion

Do you love to travel the world? Meet Emma, the travelling woman's best friend who will keep your products organised every step of the way.

best travel makeup bag

Our Emma 3 in 1 beauty bag goes beyond the pretty, entwining both femininity and functionality together to deliver the beauty bag you've always needed in your life. Let us tell you why Emma is the ultimate travel companion.

She can hang anywhere

hanging travel bag

Imagine getting to your destination with several bags of beauty products, to discover a small compact bathroom with no space. Emma has a hook that can hang anywhere to save room, simply hang on a door handle and admire all of your products in one place. If possible, try and hang near to a mirror so it's easy for you to access all of your products while you apply your make-up!

She has clear view compartments

best travel makeup bag

Clear view sections make your life easier when it comes to locating your products and keeping them clean and tidy, especially when you're travelling and need to quickly find certain products and head out into the sun. The compartments can be easily cleaned if any product is transferred onto them too. 

Top Tip: To clean the plastic compartments of your make-up bag, use an old toothbrush to get into the difficult areas and wipe clean with an antibacterial wipe to keep your make-up bag germ free.

She includes an airport security friendly bag

best travel makeup bag

For those shorter trips and nights away, Emma has detachable compartments so you have the freedom to use them separately or together for those long-haul adventures. An airport security friendly pouch can be detached, filled with your 100ml toiletries and placed securely in your carry on luggage for effortless check-ins.* 

*We do recommend that you check your airline liquid regulations before you travel to avoid any of your items being confiscated at the airport. Unsure of what you can and can't take in your hand luggage? Read our handy guide here to keep on track while you pack. 

She has a detachable beauty kit case

best travel makeup bag

The beauty kit case can be detached and filled with larger toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel and deodorant, or detached to hold your essential make-up while you travel. That is the beauty of Emma, you get three handy make-up bags all in one!

She is waterproof

waterproof wash bag

Like all of our bags, our Emma 3 in 1 beauty bag system is waterproof with lined seams, making leaks and spills a thing of the past! There really is nothing worse than arriving at your location to discover your sun cream has leaked all over your holiday wardrobe. Emma prevents this from happening to make your worries fade away.

She is available in three gorgeous colour-ways!

Our Emma 3 in 1 beauty system is available in both Floral Smoke, Sage and we've recently introduced the stunning Jade Leopard print colourway, so you can choose which colourway suits you the most. Once you have Emma in your life, packing will be a pleasure and you'll feel a lot more organised when you travel! Organisation is the key to a successful trip.

best travel makeup bag

Shop Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag in Leopard Jade (back in stock soon!)

best travel makeup bag

'Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag in Sage'

best travel makeup bag

'Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag in Floral Smoke'


Whether you love to travel or just like to keep your cosmetics in one place at home, we have a beauty bag that will suit you.

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