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Why Victoria Green is my go to for travel adventures

When travel blogger, Bejal aka 'Be Lavie' got in touch with her beautifully styled photo of our hanging wash bag, we asked her to write a guest blog post for us, all about her latest adventure to Athens!

My must have travel accessories 

A little over a year ago, I was prowling the net profusely to find a makeup and wash bag, (that would become my go to accessories brand) when I landed on the Victoria Green website.

I was spending the majority of my time in the rainforests of Costa Rica. I needed something that could deal with the high humidity of the environment but at the same time be sturdy enough to hold all my favourite full sized products.

Yes you know what I mean ladies sometimes you just need your faves with you because they’re tried and tested and give you that little feeling of home luxuries! Additionally when at home, they accessorise my bathroom beautifully and add just the right amount of floral print to its muted tones!

Little did I know when I purchased these bags, they would be my favourite go to travel accessories and have quite literally been trotting the globe with me on my jolly jaunts, both internationally and in the UK.  

travel bag women's wash bags

Jetting off to Athens

My most recent city break was to Athens and this time I took along the Victoria Green Starflower Blush Threefold Hanging Wash Bag and Makeup Bag, to hold my essentials and more!

The three compartments in the Threefold Hanging Wash Bag are just the right size to strategically split toiletries into organised sections.

The top section holds cotton wool pads, buds and nail files. The middle compartment is ideal for makeup brushes, and smaller bottled products and the final section is fab for all my larger products. The best bit is that it’s attached with Velcro so it’s totally removable! It’s great for storing ‘wet’ products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body cream so you can leave it in close proximity to the bath or shower. 

women's hanging wash bag

Practical and stylish

The makeup bag is just the right size to nicely fit a couple of lipsticks and all your daily makeup products. The size of this bag makes it ideal just to drop into your handbag and the lovely print ensured that it didn't lost amongst the dark depths of the Tardis that I call my handbag! 

On arrival at our hotel in Athens, I did my usual unpacking of the important items, such as fancy dinner dresses and the all important toiletries. I was really glad to find a couple of hooks I could easily and openly display my new Threefold Wash Bag on. As you can see this was such an order of priority for me that I hadn't even taken my jacket off! 

women's travel hanging wash bag

Spillages all contained!

Fast forward a day of sightseeing and a fine education on Greek mythology, it was time to glam up for an evening. The bathroom was being used by the other half so I decided the bed would serve as a comfortable way to put my ‘going out’ face on!

And guess what? The bags totally behaved themselves laid on the duvet and the well organised compartments meant it was so easy to find just what I needed.

I even had a toner spillage but the zip closure on the middle compartment meant the spillage was contained and everything else remained safe and dry. No crisis as there would have been prior to discovering Victoria Green beauty bags!

spa travel wash bag gift ideas

My favourite new travel bag

The Threefold Hanging Wash Bag really did serve its purpose on its first global adventure!

The bag is totally beautiful to look at and the compartments, waterproof seems and edge finishes make it practical as well as helping you contain any embarrassing leaks. The removable section of the wash bag can be used individually or as part of the bag and you can even use them at home as they make lovely bathroom accessories too! 

large hanging wash bags

Victoria Green is a brand that I endorse because I've personally tried and tested it. The bags look great, they travel well and they do what they say they do!  They're so beautiful, you're seriously going to be wondering how you ever coped without this pretty, practical and affordable travel hack!


You can take a look on Instagram for more about our trip to Athens but in the meantime don't forget to grab your Starflower Blush Threefold Hanging Wash Bag and Makeup Bag ready for your next getaway, as I have a sneaky feeling these are going to be selling like hot cakes!

About Bejal.

Bejal works in clinical research but her real passion is travel and over the past 10 years, she has travelled extensively to 6 of the 7 continents. Her blog specialises in travel, adventure and lifestyle featuring global authentic experiences with sprinkles of  luxury. You can catch up on all her jaunts at 


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