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3 great tips to take your makeup from office to Christmas party

The Christmas party season is in full swing. Whether it’s after work drinks or a 3-course festive meal, it’s time to add a touch of glamour to your makeup.

Follow our 3 simple tips to transform your makeup from day to night, so you are ready for the celebrations.

1. Refresh your face and top up your base

After a long day’s hard work, your skin will be in need of a pick me up. Spritz your face with a hydrating face mist, to instantly refresh and moisturise. The Body Shop’s vitamin E spray is a great buy and with added rosewater has a gorgeous fresh scent.

Then it’s time to give your foundation a mini touch up. To avoid that cakey skin feeling, just reapply foundation to the areas you need it most, such as around the nose and chin.

Top Tip! Spray your foundation brush with the face mist, to help your makeup stay on for longer! 

2. Add some instant sparkle with metallic eyeshadow

If you want a quick and easy eye makeup update for the evening, then eyeshadow can transform your look. A glittery or metallic shade is perfect for the festive season and can brighten and open your eyes up.

Gold is always a great colour for Christmas and looks good with any outfit.

Or for a twist on the smoky eye, blend purple hues. Start with a lighter violet in the inner corners, then sweep a richer plum shade across the socket and outer eye, blending as you go.

Top Tip! Apply your eyeshadow with a wet makeup brush for a stronger and more vivid pigment.

3. Want a simple yet stylish fix? A swipe of red lipstick is a classic festive makeup must have

Red lips complete the perfect Christmas makeup look, but with so many shades to choose from, which one is right for you? We’ve done the research for you, to make choosing your red lippy simple!

which red lipstick suits my skin tone

To start with, you need to decide what skin tone you have.

Top Tip! If silver jewellery suits you best, then you’ve got a cool skin tone. If gold tones look better on you, then you’ve got a warm complexion.

For the cools out there, you can go for a bright red shade. If you’ve got cool, but pale skin with a rosy complexion, a coral toned red is the best option.

If you’ve got blue eyes, or dark brunette hair, then go for a true scarlet deep red lippy, to highlight your natural features.

We love Charlotte Tilbury's 'Red Carpet Red', for an iconic Hollywood style red!

Olive, tan and dark skin tones are most likely to have warm undertones. If that’s you, then you will suit a bright orange red so go bold for colour and choose the striking shade. (It will make your eyes pop and your teeth whiter so what’s not to love!)


Don’t forget to take your mini makeup collection into work, with all your beauty goodies in.

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