Pack Like a Pro for Your Easter Break with Our Top Tips

“Bring half of what you think you need, and twice as much money”

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Saving Space in Your Suitcase

You’ve got the suitcase out of the attic and swear it seems smaller than you remember. Before you rush to the shops for a giant piece of luggage, ask yourself a few simple questions to save taking unnecessary items of clothing on holiday.

  • Is it weather and destination appropriate? You don’t need 4 jumpers for a trip to the Maldives. Bikinis may not take up much room but you probably won’t wear all 10 for a week’s holiday.
  • If you took it last year, did you wear it? You might love that maxi dress but if you didn’t wear it last year then will you this time? Take your favourite clothes so they will actually see the light of day.
  • Is it new? If you’ve treated yourself to a new top or pair of sandals, then get rid of something else from the suitcase. One in, one out.
  • Is there any room left for souvenirs and holiday purchases? You might see something you just have to have at the local market and wish you hadn’t crammed that 5th pair of shorts in to the suitcase pocket.

Now you’ve curated your holiday wardrobe and created a capsule collection to take with you, it’s time to pack them into the suitcase.

What Type of Suitcase Packer are You?

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Saving Space in Your Wash Bag

The clothes are all ironed and packed. Now it’s time to tackle the bathroom cabinet. Here are our 3 top tips to make toiletry packing hassle free.

  1. Choose a wash bag that works for you. A hanging wash bag is a favourite for holidays with our customers. The roomy compartments and handy hook make it a winner for compact hotel bathrooms. Check out the full selection of hanging designs here.
  2. Disposable toothbrushes are great for short breaks. They come with the toothpaste in the bristles so they are ready to be used.
  3. When it comes to makeup, if you are strapped for space, choose 2 in 1 products like a lip and cheek stain and a duo eyeshadow for day and night looks.

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