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Practical Packing Tips

#TravelWell Part 8: Guide to Quick and Easy Wash Bag Packing

victoria green hanging wash bags

packing tips for holidays

Packing your wash bag has to be left to the last minute, because you will still be using your toiletries in the run up to your holiday. That doesn’t mean you can’t be organised! Follow our top tips to make packing your wash bag quick and easy.

1. What to pack in your wash bag?

We’ve already talked about our holiday beauty must haves! If you missed it, check it out here. A great way to save both space and money, is to choose products that have multiple uses. An obvious one is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. There are lots to choose from and if you’re running out of room, they can prove useful!

Do you take loads of cosmetics that don’t get used? Condensing your makeup bag for a trip is a good idea. Start by keeping track of which products you use in a typical week. Make a note of what you use daily, and which items never see the light of day! Then you can take your top ‘can’t live without’ pieces and cut down the rest.

Try buying a mini eyeshadow palette. We love Laura Geller’s Beauty Baked duo eye colour. You can use the neutral shade for your day look, and the brighter one for the evening. Lip and cheek stains are great as well, so you don’t have to take lots of different jars and bottles with you. 

TOP TIP! If you take any powder makeup with you, pop a cotton wool pad in the compact to stop it from breaking into a thousand pieces.

Our folding makeup bag is the perfect size for your newly compact makeup collection. 2 clear and separate compartments keep everything contained and easy to find.

folding makeup bag victoria green

Pop face products in one compartment and makeup for eyes and lips in the other, then you know where everything is. The folding makeup bags has been specifically designed to fit full length makeup brushes in, so you don’t need to buy any travel brushes for your trip.

TOP TIP! Have you heard of paper makeup? A fabulous and innovative invention made popular by brand Mai Couture and perfect for women on the go. Sheets of paper transfer foundation, highlighter and blusher on to your skin for a quick and easy makeover! You get 50 sheets for £15.50 so there will be plenty to last you for your holiday. Buy online from ASOS.

paper makeup beauty trend

victoria green makeup bags tips

2. How to pack your wash bag?

Picture the scene. Furiously stuffing bottles into a wash bag and struggling with the zip until it eventually closes, with a massive bulge in the side. Does this sound familiar? Whether you prefer an all in one wash bag, or one with different compartments, follow our 3 simple steps to take the chore out of packing toiletries.

  1. Start with the bulkier and bigger products. Put these towards the bottom of your wash bag so the weight is more evenly distributed and you can make the most of the space available.
  2. Decant things like shower gel and conditioner into smaller bottles. (A funnel makes this a mess free activity) In the unlikely event that any bottles do leak, our wash bags keep spillages contained so you don’t have to worry about finding clothes coated in shampoo!
  3. Tuck little products like your toothbrush and toothpaste in the remaining nooks and crannies. Things like cotton wool can easily be slotted in any remaining pockets and compartments, or stuff them between bottles to use up any space left in the bag.

victoria green hanging traveller wash bag

If you love to take everything with you, watch our video to see how much you can fit in our hanging traveller wash bag!

victoria green wash bags3. What to do with your wash bag when you arrive at your destination

After you’ve arrived at the hotel, you might want to have a bit of a refresh, especially if you’ve had a long flight. A refreshing and nourishing skin balm helps to replenish and rehydrate your face, and an overnight hair masque will get your hair super silky ready for your holiday. We love Balance Me’s ‘Steller Beauty Balm’.

Once you’re feeling human again, it’s time to get your wash bag out. Make yourself feel at home and line up all your lotions and potions next to the sink.

Or do you like to keep everything safe and secure in the bag? Our hanging wash bags mean you can do this easily. The clear compartments let you see where everything is and hanging it up leaves surface space in the bathroom.

hanging wash bag bathroom tips

TOP TIP! If you’re not a soap user, then never lose an earring in a hotel room again and pop your jewellery in the wall mounted holder!

Catch up on our last blog post here for festival beauty trends and browse our full collection of wash bags.


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