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4 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Cosmetic Bag

It's the perfect time to get organised and declutter your beauty products. 

Having a clear out can be a therapeutic experience and leave you feeling refreshed. But a Spring clean isn’t just for your cupboards. It’s a great time to clean your cosmetic bag and sort through your makeup. 

Most women do not even think about cleaning their make-up bag, but what they don't know is that the home of their beloved cosmetics can hold harmful bacteria. If you're a beauty lover who always has your hands in your make-up bag, it's time to keep the bag bugs at bay.

Cosmetic bag set with clear airport security bag'Amy' 3 in 1 Makeup Wallet in Floral Sage

1. Start with your cosmetics bag

First things first, empty your makeup bag ready to clean. All of our beauty bags are made using high quality and waterproof cotton coated fabrics. Each seam is covered to ensure they are leak proof, so you don't have to worry about spillages.

Turn your make-up bag inside out if possible to make sure all areas can be reached for cleaning. Makeup wipes or antibacterial wipes are an easy and effective tool to get your bag gleaming and germ free. For the tougher stains, try using a toothbrush and some antibacterial hand wash. 

2. Give your makeup brushes a thorough cleanse

72% of women have admitted they never wash their makeup brushes. Whether this rings true for you, or you wash your brushes once a week, now is the perfect time to give them a deep cleanse.

Baby shampoo is great because it’s not too harsh on the brush bristles. Fill the sink with soapy water and leave your brushes to soak for a few minutes. Massage each brush to make sure you get rid of any product build up. Drain the sink and continue to rinse each brush under the tap, until the water runs clear.

The next step is drying the brushes. This is a key to maintaining the quality of your brushes. Makeup artists recommend drying brushes upside down so that the water doesn't drips into the handle, which can cause damage. Try tying the brushes to your towel rail. Cleaning your make-up brushes will also make a huge difference when it comes to the cleanliness of your make-up bag. There’s no point in having a clean make-up bag if you’re going to fill it with unclean products!

Top tip: If you're in a rush but still want to get your make-up brushes clean, invest in specialist brush cleansing wipes.

makeup brush purse Brush Purse in Geometric Sage

3. Throw out of date products away

We’re all guilty of holding on to old makeup, but nobody wants bacteria growing on their products! Remember that any bacteria can be transferred to your make-up bag too! Go through all your items and get rid of any that look like they’ve seen better days.

Not sure how long you can keep cosmetics for? Check out our handy guide so you know when it’s time to say goodbye.

spring clean your makeup bag


Top Tip! Make a note in your diary when you buy new makeup or use a marker pen and write the date on the bottom of the bottle or tube.

4. Organise your makeup in your clean cosmetic bag

Store makeup brushes separately from your cosmetics, to keep them clean. A makeup bag with compartments is perfect for this. Our 'Lucy' Cosmetic Case has two sections, so you can keep tools in one and makeup products in the other!

large makeup bag with compartments'Lucy' Cosmetic Case in Plain Smoke

You might even decide to treat yourself to a new lipstick (or two), to go in your tidy makeup bag.  

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