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Top 10 Ways to Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your Mum. Here’s our top 10 tips to make it pampering and luxurious.

1. DIY Face Mask

Organise a mini pamper session with your Mum. Mix it up in the kitchen and take some time out, just relaxing with your face masks on. We love Little Soap Company's Greek yoghurt mask recipe! Simply add a few drops of your Mum’s favourite essential oil and then choose your ingredients based on her skin type.

2. Fill a Jar with Things You Love about your Mum

This is such a lovely idea and a perfect way to show your Mum how much she means to you! All you need is a glass jar, pen and paper and some ribbon to accessorise. Write out 20 things you love about your Mum and give her a unique and heartfelt present.

3. Give a Manicure in a Bag

Create a manicure kit in a bag. Fill one of our cosmetic pouches with a couple of different coloured nail polishes: go for a harmonious colour combination or opt for clashing tones, depending on your Mum’s style. Add some nourishing hand cream, nail scissors and a nail file and voila!

4. Watch her Favourite Film Together

Spend an afternoon or evening watching your Mum’s favourite film. Whether you love or hate the movie, your Mum will appreciate your efforts and enjoy the time with you. Treat her to a bag of sweets or popcorn and turn the lights down to create the cinema effect.

5. Create Your Own Pamper Vouchers

DIY vouchers are an easy and purse friendly gift idea. You can download templates online or create your own designs. Check out our top tips here.

6. Make your Mum an Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a luxurious day out, but for a personal touch channel your inner Mary Berry. Cook up a treat for your Mum: her favourite cake, complete with fresh fruit and icing on top and don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Make it an extravagant affair with vintage teacups and napkins.

7. Give Your Mum a Blow Dry

Create the salon experience at home. Use your Mum’s favourite shampoo and maybe even try your hand at a head massage. Take your time to pamper your Mum and show off your hairdressing skills to give her the best blow dry. (You may need to refer to YouTube for some handy tips!)

8. Personalise a Mug for Your Mum

Take your Mum a cup of tea in bed on Mother’s Day in her very own, personalised mug! This is easy to do with Sharpies, just draw your design on a mug and bake in the microwave to make your artwork permanent. Head to 'Bren Did' blog, for a step by step tutorial. 

9. Create a TLC Kit

Everyone needs a bit of TLC sometimes and Mums are always too busy to think of themselves! Create her a TLC kit with some great pick me ups and pamper treats. Herbal detox tea to give her a morning boost; lavender oil for bedtime and we love Tisserand's aromatherapy roller balls.You just roll on to the temples and let the blend of essential oils work their magic. The ‘De-Stress’ fragrance with uplifting orange aromas ‘brings a sense of calm’ to your Mum’s life.

10. Leave a Chocolate on Her Pillow

Create the perfect end to the perfect day and leave a chocolate and little note on your Mum’s pillow. Go a step further and layout her dressing gown, for the full hotel chic vibe.


What are you doing for Mother's Day? Let us know your plans in the comment box below.



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