Top 3 Features of the Carry All Wash Bag

Does the thought of choosing just a few toiletries fill you with dread? Our carry all wash bag has been designed especially for you!

victoria green starflower wash bag

1. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

Don’t hide your wash bag away in your suitcase. The carry all is the perfect arm candy and it can easily be mistaken for a handbag!

If you like to jam pack your wash bag full of lotions and potions, the carry all comes out top, making it ideal for UK staycations and those last-minute weekends away.

With your wash bag in one hand and your suitcase wheeled behind you, you can arrive at your destination with an air of elegance.

victoria green starflower carry all wash bag

2. Spill Proof

As with all our bags, they have been made with reinforced stitching and all interior seams are covered. This means that in the event of any spills or leaks from your toiletries, the liquid will be contained within the bag, so you don’t have to mop up trails of shampoo!

Check out our handy pictogram to see how much the bag holds.

 victoria green wash bags

3. The Biggest of the Bunch

There’s plenty of room in the carry all! The largest of all our wash bags; it has a spacious main compartment which fits four 400ml bottles comfortably, even standing upright! There is still space for other bits and bobs, so you can rest assured nothing will have to stay at home.

The pockets at the front are great for storing small and loose items. Keep cotton wool, hair bands and other little things in one pocket, so they don’t get misplaced. Pop your toothbrush and toothpaste into the other pocket so you know exactly where they are, come bedtime.

large wash bag features victoria green

Take a look at the full starflower range here and browse our other wash bags.

Love Victoria x

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