Top Tips to Make Spring Cleaning your Makeup Bag Simple

Spring is in the air and it’s the time of year when people decide to have a clear out. Research shows that Brits spend on average 11 hours prepping and polishing their home ready for the Spring, but what about our makeup bags?

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We all know we should be cleaning our cosmetic bags and getting rid of out of date products, but this seems like a long and tedious chore for many.

Here are our top makeup cleaning tips that are easy and simple to do.

  • First things first, empty your makeup bag ready to clean. Makeup or baby wipes are an easy and effective tool to get your bag gleaming. All Victoria Green bags are coated with PVC so they are easy to wipe and dry quickly and you can even put the bags directly under the tap! For fold out designs, open each compartment and wipe away any dust and dirt.

clean your makeup bags

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  • A great idea for pouch style makeup bags is to turn them inside out! Then you can get in all the nooks and crannies you would otherwise have missed. Top Tip: Use an old (but clean of course) toothbrush for those stubborn patches and corners. Dip in a solution of baby shampoo and water. Squeeze in some antibacterial hand wash to make sure there are no pesky germs left.
  • Now you have a good as new makeup bag, it’s time to tackle your tools. Whether you are a brush or sponge girl, anything going on your skin needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dust and dirt builds up on brushes and can lead to bacteria growth which causes clogged pores and even spots!

Hygiene experts suggest that we should be cleaning our brushes once or twice a week. If your jaw has just dropped, then let me reassure you that stats show only 60% of women clean their makeup brushes once a month, if at all.  Don’t worry because we have got some useful hacks to make washing makeup brushes a quick and easy thing to do.

  • Fill the sink with warm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo. This is good to use because it has a gentle formula which will keep the bristles in tip top shape. Squeeze some antibacterial hand wash in to the mix, just to make sure you get rid of any nasties lurking about.
  • Submerge your brushes and give them a good massage to remove all the makeup and dirt. Run each brush under the tap at a tepid temperature until the water runs clear.
  • The next step is drying the brushes. This is a key element to maintaining the quality of your brushes and something that people often don’t consider. Makeup artists recommend drying brushes upside down so that the water drips down and not into the handle. Create a DIY drying rack like Instagrammer Stella Chu, using a coat hanger and pegs!

DIY makeup brush drying rack

  • To finish off, make sure you get rid of any old or out of date makeup products. Each item will come with a ‘period after opening’ (or PAO if you want to sound impressive) symbol on the packaging. This will give you an idea of how long to keep that item but here is a general rule of thumb regarding makeup lifespan:
    • Mascara and eyeliner = 3 months. It is advised we buy 4 mascaras per year, which makes the perfect excuse to go shopping!
    • Foundation and oil based products = 1 year
    • Powders (eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer) = 2 years which means you can build up that eye colour collection after all.
    • Lipstick = 1 year. Lippies never seem to run out but after a year they’re destined for the bin. Top tip: Pop in the freezer overnight every few months to kill any bacteria!

Hopefully we have inspired you to freshen up your makeup bag and maybe even treat yourself to a new product or two. If you’ve got any top tips you would like to share, then please leave a comment below. 


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