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We asked you where you were going on holiday...

We wanted to find out where you were going on holiday this year, so we asked you on social media! Across our Facebook and Twitter pages, we gathered the findings to discover where our customers travel to. Are you going abroad, staying local or maybe having a weekend away?   

When it comes to packing for a trip, you either love it or hate it. Getting organised for travelling can be difficult, but when it comes to your beauty bag, we want to make life easy. 

With so many bag shapes and designs, and a variety of ways to travel to your destination, it can be difficult to choose the right beauty bag for your trip.

Follow our handy guide to finding the perfect bag, however you are travelling this year!

holiday packing tips

15% are staying at home over the Spring period

Just because you’re on home turf, doesn’t mean you have to go without a beauty bag! If you’re planning a staycation this Spring, then why not treat yourself to a new vanity case, to spruce up your makeup storage. You can store your bottles upright inside, which is perfect for keeping breakables like perfume safe and secure.

With no travel restrictions, and a roomy vanity, you can keep your entire makeup collection in one place. There’s even two elasticated pockets, which is great for makeup brushes!

victoria green vanity cases

A makeup bag is always useful. The handy size is great to keep nail your nail varnishes in, along with your other nail essentials. Or you could pop the makeup bag in your handbag for the products you need when on the go.

victoria green makeup bags

A quarter of our respondents are having a UK holiday

There’s plenty of beautiful UK places to visit, with seaside, country and city scenes all on offer. 

We found that the top UK destinations you are travelling to this year are Devon, Wales and Cornwall!  

If you’re driving to your destination, then you don’t need to worry about your packing, so you can take all your full-sized products in your wash bag!

Our carry all is perfect for taking everything with you, with spacious compartments that can easily fit 4x 500ml bottles, 3x 350ml bottles and there’s still room for lots more. 

Wet wipes are a life saviour. We love using them for everything from removing makeup to cleaning up sticky food fingers!

victoria green carry all wash bags

For those travelling with children, a first aid kit is a must have! Our Lola folding makeup bag is ideal for keeping everything together, so you can always have a plaster and paracetamol on hand.

victoria green folding makeup bag

Disneyland Paris is a child’s paradise and 8% of you are heading there later this year! A further 12% are visiting friends and family across the UK.

Travelling by train is quick and with 2563 railway stations in the UK, there are plenty to go to!

If you’re going by train, compact luggage is the key. Our hanging traveller wash bag has the clue in the title! It’s designed for travelling and the handy hook means you can hang it up wherever you go.

Dubbed ‘the mobile bathroom cabinet’, it is surprisingly roomy with transparent compartments to make finding everything easy.

If you’re going away for the weekend, dry shampoo is our hair hero product! No need to worry about hogging your friend’s bathroom or having to have a hat day.

victoria green women's hanging wash bag

For easy access on the train, our set of 2 makeup bags lets you travel with the products you need for the journey. 

Bottles fit perfectly in the larger bag. Pop some hand cream to soothe dry hands from the train air conditioning. The smaller of the 2 bags is great for keeping cosmetics like lipstick and a compact in. To prevent your pressed powder from cracking during the journey, put a cotton wool pad inside!

victoria green set of 2 makeup bags

29% are jetting off abroad for some sun

When travelling abroad, everyone needs a wash bag that is easy to pack in a suitcase filled to the brim! We recommend the hanging threefold wash bag for anyone who struggles to fit their toiletries bag in their luggage. 

The two main compartments fit all your products in and the bag can be hung up to save bathroom space. It also can be laid flat on the top of your suitcase if the bulging pockets won’t allow you to do it up!

The detachable pouch if great for taking on the plane with your flight beauty goodies inside. A lightweight moisturiser is great for refreshing your skin during the journey (but check the size for airport liquid regulations!) For long haul flights an eye mask is a great idea. Then you can even take the pouch to the pool when you arrive at your destination!

victoria green hanging women's wash bag

A cosmetics pouch is perfect to take to the beach with your essentials: phone, headphones and of course sun cream! Not sure what to look for in sun protection? Learn your UVAs from your UVBs with our top tips to choosing sun cream.

victoria green cosmetics bag

Where are you going on holiday? Leave us a comment with your 2018 destination!

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