Why Our Hanging Traveller is a Must Have for Your Holiday

#TravelWell Part 3: The Hanging Wash Bag is the Perfect All Rounder

Whether you’re going abroad or staying in the UK, our Lorton hanging traveller wash bag aka ‘the mobile bathroom cabinet’ is a must have.    

wash bag with hook for travel

victoria green beauty bags

You either love it or hate it but packing is something you have to do before a holiday.

According to research conducted by Travel Supermarket, 26% of women spend between one and two weeks deciding on what to take.

What about the wash bag? If a quarter of us ladies spend time planning what clothes to take, then what must we be like when it comes to our skincare and makeup?

There are 2 key ways in which the Lorton traveller is the best option for going on holiday:

victoria green lorton hanging traveller wash bag

victoria green wash bags

victoria green lorton hanging traveller bag

  • If you’ve got room in your suitcase, then the whole bag can fit neatly in the corner.
  • If your clothes are bulging out, then the Lorton traveller can lie flat to maximise space.
  • The bag itself is extremely spacious. You can fit full sized bottles in the two main compartments. They can even store four 500ml bottles in one section!
  • The bag has a handy hanging hook which maximises space when you reach your destination. You can simply unzip and hang up, which makes life much easier!

 victoria green lorton hanging traveller bag

The three compartments mean you can organise your toiletries more efficiently.

  • Keep all shower and bath bottles in one compartment so all the ‘wet stuff’ is stored together. Each compartment is spill proof so you don’t have to worry about any leakages! The transparent section makes it easy to see what’s inside.
  • Then you can keep your accessories and tools, like cotton wool and hairbands i.e. the ‘dry stuff’, separately.
  • The little transparent zip pocket is perfect for your toothbrush, toothpaste and any smaller items so they don’t get lost.

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victoria green lorton hanging traveller bag

  • Sturdy handles that can take the wait of all your beauty essentials
  • Handy hanging hook to save space in the bathroom
  • 2 spacious compartments that you can see through and that fit full sized toiletry bottles in so you don’t need to opt for travel ones
  • Transparent zip pocket bag to keep smaller items safe
  • Durable and waterproof fabric, made to last with zip fastenings on each section to contain any spills!

victoria green hanging traveller wash bag

victoria green wash bags 


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