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Must Have Beauty Products for your Summer Holiday

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Travel Well Blog Series Part 2: Find out Which of Our Best Holiday Beauty Buys will be Your New Favourite

We launched our travel well blog series last week with which beauty bag is right for your trip. If you missed it check it out here.

This week, we’ve curated a selection of must have beauty products for your summer holiday and organised them into three categories to make your life easier. (You can thank us later). Browse our range of beauty bags to find your perfect match.

PREP is the items you need in the week running up to your holiday. TRAVEL is our guide to the best products to make your journey as relaxing as possible. DESTINATION is the products we think are the essentials to use once you arrive on your holiday.  

victoria green beauty bags travel tips

victoria green wash bags travel tips blog

victoria green travel well blog travel tips

1. Gradual Tanner

If like me, you are used to being the pale one by the pool, then a gradual tanner is a great way of building up some colour before you get the pasty legs out! Start using a tanning cream about a week before you go away, to give your skin a subtle glow. Then pop it in your wash bag when you pack for going away to top up your tan on holiday.

St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body Lotion - £14.50 (200 ml)

victoria green beauty bags st tropez gradual tanSt. Tropez is the go to brand for tanning products. Their moisturising and streak free formulas hydrate your skin and build up a rich golden colour and all without that notorious awful fake tan smell! Store your lotion in one of our cosmetic pouches to keep it clean and separate from your other products.         Available at Feel Unique  

2. Foot Lotion

    Cracked heels are the dreaded summer body problem. Get your feet in tip top shape before the sandals come out.

    Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50 (125 ml)

    victoria green travel tips blog soap and glory

     Nobody wants to turn up at the beach with dry cracked feet! Soap and glory’s purse friendly foot cream work wonders.

     Simply massage the cream into your feet after a shower and for extra moisturisation pop some socks on and let the cream soak in overnight.

     The handy size goes well with our folding makeup bag so you can pop your beach beauty products in before you head out for the day.

    Available at Boots online and in stores across the UK.


    victoria green starflower folding makeup bag

    Starflower Folding Makeup Bag - £10

    victoria green wash bags

    victoria green travel well blog travel tips

    1. Essential Oils

    Whether you’re travelling by road, sea or air, long journeys can be exhausting, especially if you’ve got young children! Essential oils are our saviour for travel to help you arrive to your destination feeling fresh.  Pop your inflight must haves in our frequent flyer transparent bag, designed especially according to airport security regulations.

     Tisserand ‘Happy’ Aromatherapy Roller Ball - £5.95

    tisserand aromatherapy roller balls

     We love Tisserand’s aromatherapy products! Their innovative roller ball is a quick and easy way of breathing in a relaxing fragrance. Simply roll on to your temples and let it work its magic.

    ‘Happy’ is an uplifting mix of lemon tea tree and bergamot to give you a boost on your holiday journey.

     Buy directly from Tisserand here.


    2. Face Mist Spray

     Flying can be very drying on the skin. This is because the humidity in the plane drops to less than 20% of what we are used to! As a result, our skin loses its hydration which can leave our skin looking limp and tired.

    A top tip is to drink lots of water before and during a flight to help give us a boost. Mist sprays are also a fab way of adding moisture back into our skin.

    Balance Me Skin Bright Plumping Mist - £12.50 (30 ml) Launching Soon!

    balance me face mist holiday flying prepBalance Me is a favourite brand over at Victoria Green HQ and we love their new skin bright plumping mist launching later this month!

    The spray is designed to refresh dehydrated skin especially from air con and hot climates so it will be a great product to see you through your holiday.

    Close your eyes and spritz every hour to give you an instant refresher.

    Check it out here


    victoria green beauty bags travel well blog series

    victoria green travel well blog travel tips

    1. Sun & Chlorine Protection Shampoo

    Going on holiday can play havoc with our hair. The sun, sea and chlorinated pool water can cause split ends and dry out hair out.

    Philip Kingsley Citrus Sunshine Swimcap Shampoo - £13 (75 ml)

    philip kingsley chlorine protection suncap shampoo


    Philip Kingsley’s specially formulated ‘Swimcap’ shampoo is the perfect solution! It contains UV protection and helps shield hair from chlorine and sun damage by protecting against hair breakage and colour fading.

    The citrus edition has a gorgeous scent to make shampooing a treat and the mini 75 ml size is great for week long holidays.

    Available at Feel Unique.



      2. Body Moisturiser 

      The sun dries out our skin so keeping it moisturised is really important (and it helps our tan last longer).

      The Body Shop Coconut Nourishing Body Butter - £18 was £30 (400 ml)

      the body shop coconut body butter

      This delicious coconut body butter smells good enough to eat and will have you reaching for the pina coladas in no time!

      The handy 50 ml version is the perfect travel companion.

      Buy online from The Body Shop.

      victoria green wash bags

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      Are there any products you couldn’t live without when going on holiday? Leave a comment and let us know!

      Love Victoria x