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Which is the Perfect Wash Bag for your Trip?

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Travel Well Blog Series Part 1: Find the Right Wash Bag For Your Holiday

Have you got a trip planned? Whether you’re going away for the weekend with the girls, a romantic overnight break for two or your annual family holiday, we’ve got the perfect wash bag.

Frequent Trips Away

victoria green frequent flyer wash bag

If you are often jetting off on various trips around the world, then you will be no stranger to flying. You might have a business trip or maybe you are an avid traveller! We have designed a unique 4 in 1 bag to help make airport security stress-free!

victoria green frequent flyer wash bag

(Available exclusively at Debenhams)

You get:

  • 1 large airport-friendly clear transparent bag. We used it recently on a trip to Lisbon with no problem (however each airport is subject to different rules and you may be asked to remove contents and place in a plastic bag to pass through airport security.) Read more about airport hand luggage restrictions here.
  • 3 100ml clear bottles, so you can decant your favourite products.
  • A long, thin wash bag to pop your toothbrush and toothpaste in.
  • Little square pouch for your cotton wool to stop it from getting all over everything.
  • Square bag for the rest of your toiletries.

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Overnight UK Stay

victoria green lorton wash bag travel well blog

If you’re staying in the UK and only going away for a night or two then a smaller wash bag will fit in everything you need. Our multi-purpose bag is surprisingly spacious and the Lorton print is one of our best sellers.

victoria green lorton multi purpose wash bag travel well blog

 There’s no need to decant as this wash bag will fit in plenty of full sized bottles and still have room for your cotton wool, hairbands and other bits and bobs too!


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Weekend Break 

victoria green threefold hanging wash bag 

Our threefold hanging wash bag (available exclusively at Debenhams) is a brilliant option for weekends away.  Whether you’re staying in the UK or  going abroad, this bag is a flexible  multi tasker.

 Its compact shape means it tucks  away easily in your suitcase. Or if  you’ve got items bulging out then  you can fold it out and lay flat on the  top of your clothes.
victoria green at debenhams hanging traveller wash bag 

Spacious compartments mean you can pack our wash bag full of goodies. There is space for full sized bottles or if you prefer, decant your products into smaller containers.

The wonder of this wash bag is the detachable transparent bag! It’s perfect for taking to the pool with your sun cream and goggles.

Before you pack your bag, check out our top tips on clearing out your old products.

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Week in the Sun

victoria green hanging traveller wash bag

If you’re lucky enough to have a summer holiday booked then our hanging traveller bag is the perfect choice.

victoria green lorton hanging traveller wash bag

The key thing about this bag is the hanging hook. If you’re short for space in a hotel bathroom or even on a campsite, simply hang it up and you have your very own portable bathroom cabinet! The bag opens up fully and the transparent pockets make it easy to find things.

If you’re looking for more ways to make packing easy then read our top tips here.

victoria green beauty bags travel tips

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