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#behindthescenes - our new season photo shoot

A 'behind the scenes' snapshot of our new collection photoshoot...

It's all a bit hectic at Victoria Green HQ this week as we prepare for the arrival of our new collection. A big part of our preparation is photographing our wash bags and make-up bags ensuring each and every bag looks it's very best.

victoria green beauty bag shoot

At the studio photographing our new cosmetic bag shapes #behindthescenes

Why is this so important?

Often the first time you see one of our beauty bags, it will be online. So it is really important for us to make sure that our images tell you as much as possible about our bags. Firstly we need to show the shape and design of the bag. We do this by photographing every bag individually and in a way that shows the bag as a whole.

It's not always possible to show the full nature of the bag so it may mean we take another shot in another position. Our threefold hanging wash bag for example, has to be shot folded and then again unrolled. 

In all our shots, we endeavour to get across the quality and details that make our bags 'simply better than the rest'. We work closely with very talented photographers in order to ensure that our piped edging, lined seams and stitching detail are all beautifully in focus. 

victoria green beauty bag photoshoot

White board reflecting the delicate pale pink of our starflower print

Once we feel we've captured the design and quality of our bag, we always put together another shot to show the size and scale of our bags. After all, without our props, you would find it difficult to see the difference between our large and small make-up bags.

It's all about the detail

Sometimes, it's all set up, the bags are placed, the props positioned and the focus adjusted but when the image is taken the colour and pattern aren't quite right. This is where the final details are so important - as in the shot above, where a white board was used to 'bounce' the delicate pink of our starflower back into the shot. 

And here's the result!

We believe it is so important to show our bags as accurately as possible so when your order arrives, it looks exactly as you imagined. We hope you think its worth it too!

victoria green new collection beauty bag

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Love The Victoria Green team x