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Kicking off 2017 with some New Year Resolutions

I know some people don't like resolutions, but I find it's a good way to re-focus and think about what I would like out of the year ahead. So here goes...

    1. Spend more quality time with my long-suffering and very supportive hubby - I'm so busy with the growing demands of the Victoria Green business and 2 energetic kids that he rarely gets a look in. Regular date nights, and even, *gasp!* a weekend away are definitely on the cards in 2017.
    2. Yoga - It's so good for me, helps me sleep better, feel stronger, and definitely keeps the niggles in my lower back at bay -  in 2017 I'm going to put it in my diary and make it a priority - at least once a week, no excuses
    3. Get more sleep - I just can't function without a good 7-8 hours and yet I still find myself being distracted by social media in the evening instead of just going to bed! I’m sure I’m not the only person guilty of this…
    4. Behind the scenes at Victoria Green - I'm taking the plunge and putting myself front and centre of my label. I've been shy of putting myself out there, but after spending some time talking to my customers I've discovered that people aren’t sure I actually exist! Prepare yourselves for seeing a lot more of me in 2017... Gulp!

Has anyone else got any resolutions? Do you find it easy to stick to them? I’d love to hear them and how you plan to start?

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